Our Work Tourism Australia

Software Development

The brief

The brief was to consolidate Tourism Australia's segmented brands onto a unified digital marketing platform and allow for cost-effective content management for 5 brand websites across 17 regions and 10 languages.
  • Software Development

  • Agile Project Management

  • Solution Architecture

  • Business Analysis

Tourism Australia asked us to help build a digital marketing platform that would enable a small team to produce and manage marketing content and campaigns for multiple brands targeting regions around the globe. A key market was the Chinese business and leisure travel market. Sites were enabled to be localised and hosted within mainland China.

Our Approach

Software Design & Development

Our team worked in collaboration with Tourism Australia and Adobe to design and implement the platform foundations as well as the strategy for migration of existing web content and assets. The platform design minimised licensing and hosting costs while ensuring scalability to meet peak campaign demands.

Digital Foundations

  • Collaborated with the business to identify and define common features and elements across all brand sites
  • Created a foundational framework of re-usable common components
  • Designed a content inheritance structure to support streamlined content authoring for multiple regions and languages
  • Collaborated with China hosting partner to architect infrastructure within mainland China



A multilingual content management platform
  • Consolidation and launch of the two flagship Tourism Australia brands Australia.com and Aussie Specialist

  • Launch of business events, corporate, and investments brand sites and key digital campaigns

  • Enabled localised content for the Chinese market, hosted and accessible within mainland China

  • Streamlined content authoring allowed small digital marketing team to manage multiple brands and region sites

  • Simplified ongoing maintenance, support, and content author training, significantly reducing lifetime cost of ownership

  • Solid digital foundation and capabilities for strategic digital initiatives in the future


  • Reduced costs

  • Improved productivity

  • Enabled localisation

  • Enabled personalisation

A digital platform enabling Tourism Australia to effectively engage with multi-cultural markets across the globe.


What we appreciated most about working with the Lumos team was their broad technical expertise, collaborative working process, and the tenacity to take challenges head on, helping us to achieve a successful outcome.

I would have no hesitation recommending Lumos as a trusted partner in the future.

Dave Rumsey
CIO, Tourism Australia